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What is Dream Delivered?

Each month, Dream Delivered creates a career exploration kit filled with 4-6 hands-on activities and a magazine to engage your budding dreamer in limitless pathways for their future. Dream Delivered is brought to you by Dream Outside the Box, a 501 (c)(3) nonprofit organization focused on exposing children to imaginative pathways and career fields through our experiential learning approach. For every box purchased, a box will go to a child in a "dream desert", an area where children don't have access to educational and extracurricular opportunities. 

Dream Delivered Subscription Box

How It Works

Each box is designed for children ages 6-10 and contains multiple activities complete with all supplies, directions and a magazine! For example our Ancient History box has an artifact excavation site with gloves and goggles, materials to create a clepsydra (water clock!), fossil making and so much more! The sky's the limit for a Dream Delivered - join now to engage the dreamer you love in imaginative options each month!

Dream Delivered Subscription Box


Choose your subscription level- you can choose anything from a single dream to the gift of exploration for a year!

Dream Delivered Subscription Box


You can only dream what you’ve seen! So, each month a box will arrive with 4-6 fun activities and a Pathway magazine to introduce a new career field to dreamers.

Dream Delivered Subscription Box


For each box you purchase, a box will also go to a child in a dream desert. You can plant two dreams with one seed and impact the youth of tomorrow!

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Dream Outside The Box

Dream Outside the Box (DOTB) believes “you can only dream what you’ve seen”. Founded as a college student organization in 2009, Founder Kam Phillips surveyed K-5 children in a local “dream desert” about their career aspirations. 74% of K-5 boys surveyed aspired to be rappers, professional athletes, or both. Today, as the mission of DOTB spreads, students are chartering chapters on their university campuses in effort to disrupt dream deserts across the nation. Each week, at the 11 chapters nationwide, students work to expose children to new pathways through hands-on, experiential learning in this dual impact approach.